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Alhamdulillah…Thanks to God, Allah SWT.
Today, I just received this certificate of Certified Supply Chain & Logistics Professional (CSLP). Hope it can motivate me more.. to learn new things, bring new ideas and give more values to our company and industry.

This certification took around 8 months in every Saturday which consist of 6 modules: Fundamentals of SCM, Procurement Management, Warehouse Management, Transportation & Distribution Management, Operation Management and Customer Accommodation. There is any mid-test and final test in each modules, we have to pass it.

As part of certification requirements, we have to prepare and implement the riil improvement project in our company. Then, I took the final project of “Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP) Implementation at USG Boral”. It’s really exciting and impactful project which has been implemented a year ago in our company. Through S&OP process, we are getting better in term of team collaboration and operational excellence. Not yet perfect, but it was making a lot progress and benefits for our company by having S&OP process with One trust number of sales forecast.

After one year implementation and making sure that the project has proven and well implemented, I was presented this final project to team examiner (lectures) at 21st of July 2018 with minor revision.

Thanks to all colleagues and team who give best support on this project. Especially thanks to my mentor, Pak Bambang Setiawan (ex-senior management at CocaCola, SariHusada & Puninar) who gives me many guidance, benchmarking sharing, feedback and some revisions on this final paper. Finally I can introduce & implement the S&OP process in my company with the positive impact.

I was thinking of publishing a book to share my experience in S&OP Implementation. Anyone interested to read? or buy? hahaha…

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Salam pembelajar! 30 Oct 2018



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