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Alumni Sharing Session – by ILUNI FEB UI Bidang Almamater

The 1st edition of ASSETs (Alumni Sharing Session Every Three monthS) by Iluni FEB UI Bidang Almamater at Kampus Depok, 25th Nov 2016. The topic is “Hidup Bukan Cuma Sekedar IP”, IP bagus ngak ngejamin, apalagi IP jelek”. Presented by Me and Bang Wirzal, book author of Live Your highest Value.

Thanks to all team who contributed this event: Desti and team (kampus), BEM FEB UI, Bang Putranto & Indri and All sponsors (BSM, Jayaboard-USG Boral, Dirjen Pajak) atas support nya.

Hope we can conduct ASSETs event regularly in the future.




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